Monday, November 30, 2009

Steve Stoute Documentary!

Very interesting...

LIVE From The Fortune List It's Steve Stoute! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

Check out part one of Javid's highly anticipated interview with entertainment/advertising mogul Steve Stoute from the roof deck of his New York City office. In this installment Steve talks making Fortune Magazine's "40 under 40 list this year, partnering with his friend Jay-Z to help run his Translation Advertising last year, why he Mary J. Blige and Gucci teamed up to help women with their FFAWN organization and finishes that interesting story about how it was initially Jay-Z's idea to extend an invite to 50 Cent for his own Reebok sneaker.

Part two where Steve talks why he doesn't necessarily want people to compare Nas & Jay-Z, how hip hop beef is like a pimple on an elephant and who he sees as the entertainment industry's next moguls coming right up!!!!!

Rapper hasHBrown's new album "Sounds From The Backseat"

is finally upon us ...

check the post and link above!

SOUNDS FROM THE BACK SEAT by hasHBrown of the Council

i. Shout In(tro) [produced by jett i masstyr]
ii. Royalty [produced by hollywood floss]
iii. Early Bird [produced by jett i masstyr w/ cuts by dj gonz of hafaza crew]
iv. Innocence Lost [produced by jett i masstyr]
v. Love Supreme (ft. Fat Tony) [produced by jett i masstyr & chris rockaway]
vi. The Baptism Interlude [produced by jett i masstyr]
vii. Forever Summer (ft. Phonix & Upgrade) [produced by jett i masstyr]
viii. So Special (ft. Montey) [produced by jett i masstyr]
ix. Untitled/ Lazy Song [produced by john dew of the council]
x. Close to You [produced by jett i masstyr]
xi. The Dedication [produced by jett i masstyr]
xii. Dreamin' w/ ya Eyes Open (ft. dustin prestige) [produced by jett i masstyr & chris rockaway]
xiii. Sounds From the Back Seat [produced by jett i masstyr]

**bonus tracks
xiv. Overtime (ft. Phonix) [produced by jett i masstyr]
xv. Sweetest Revenge [produced by jett i masstyr]

DOWNLOAD HERE--> hasHBrown- Sounds From the Back Seat

The Homie Hollywood FLOSS keeps the coverage coming!

Check out the latest write up on Houston artist Hollywood FLOSS

keep doing ya thang FLOSS

in other news Dame Dash is killing it with these Short Films!

DD172 Sessions: Stalley, Currensy & Javelin Jam Session from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

Documented By CreativeControl.TV

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hollywood FLOSS will be performing this Saturday at the Houston WEST FEST festival

outside of numbers @ 3:00 with a live band and Kidd The Great BE THERE

also here is more blog coverage:

Hollywoood FLOSS continues to do his thing and rep for the H... good Music

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hollywood FLOSS music site

is now up and running and what better way to support him than to buy his music and your able to determine what the song is worth!!!

thats right you pick the value of the song!